Procedures of temporary Jerusalem ID holders crossing International Borders
At Allenby Bridge:

Temporary Jerusalem ID holders (also known as an A5 ID – blue color from outside and orange\brown color on the inside) are not accepted at Allenby Bridge when crossing out or in. The original West Bank ID will be the only form of ID that is accepted, in addition to the Palestinian passport or Jordanian passport with exit permit.

 A5 ID holder are required to cross through Allenby Bridge via Al Isteraha crossings (Palestinian crossings) and then will be transferred in authorized public buses (Shaheen Buses) to Allenby Bridge where they will have to go through the designated terminal for access of Palestinians rather than going through the designated terminal for East Jerusalemites\foreigners. A5 ID holder will have to present his national West Bank ID at the passport control with exit permit or his valid Palestinian passport.

Temporary Jerusalem ID holders are going to be treated like any West Bank ID holders despite the fact of their temporary Jerusalem IDs.

Temporary Jerusalem ID holders can cross through Allenby Bridge in UN vehicle without going through Al Isteraha ONLY with prior coordination.

Ben Gurion Airport:

Temporary Jerusalem ID holders are allowed to travel through Ben Gurion Airport ONLY if they are approved by the Ministry of Interior in East Jerusalem. Staff are advised to approach the MOI directly if such approval is being sought.

Taba, Jordan Valley and Yitsah Rabin crossings:

Temporary Jerusalem ID holders are NOT allowed to travel through any of the mentioned crossings unless they have special permit\approval from the MoI in East Jerusalem.