Procedures for Foreign nationals in order to obtain permits from the Gaza De Facto Authority (DFA)

                 INGO international staff

·         INGOs must apply for permits with the DFA of Gaza to cross Arba-Arba checkpoint in and out of Gaza.  INGOs are advised to contact Al Quds department of the DFA Ministry of Interior located in Al Soussi Building in Gaza City.  For further information on this process please write Balsam Alatrash of the ACU (


Non-INGO internationals seeking to obtain a permit with the DFA

·         Single-entry permit: Allows for a single visit to Gaza of up to 7 days

o   Submit the following information to

§  Name

§  Passport #

§  Date of entry and exit

§  Purpose

§  Scanned copy of passport


Multiple-entry permit: Allows for entry and re-entry into Gaza for a 6-month period; permit is renewable

o   Provide a completed application (attached ) with the requested documents to



If you need further assistance please contact Dario Valderrama of the ACU by email or phone +970 (0) 59 5915 635