Coordination Request for Goods Supplies to Gaza.


Step 1: Request approval from the PA to undertake Gaza reconstruction projects


1.      Project approval:

1.1.    The implementing agency will submit to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) through the Gaza Unit at the Prime Minister’s Office an application, requesting approval of projects to be implemented in Gaza. The application will include all relevant information.

1.2.    Proposed projects will be referred to the Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development (MoPAD), which will carry out the following:

1.2.1.  Review the projects to ensure consistence and compatibility with priorities of the Palestinian Government, national plans, and Palestinian National Early Recovery and Reconstruction Plan for Gaza.

1.2.2.  MoPAD will follow up with respective ministries and government bodies to ensure their approval of proposed projects.

1.2.3.  MoPAD will submit recommendations to the Gaza Unit at the Prime Minister’s Office to proceed with necessary procedures.

2.      Granting approval and concluding agreements:

2.1.    The Gaza Unit at the Prime Minister’s Office will develop a letter on the approval of the implementing agency’s proposed projects. The letter will be dispatched to the Prime Minister for endorsement.

2.2.    Following approval, agreements on Gaza reconstruction projects will be signed by the PNA, donor and implementing agency in line with applicable procedures. These agreements will include some general policies provided under Clause 3 below.

2.3.    The implementing agency will send a report on the work progress and developments of the project in question to the Gaza Unit at the Prime Minister’s Office.

2.4.    MoPAD will be responsible for coordination with the implementing agency in relation to the progress of implementing projects to ensure that respective information is included in any report released by the Ministry.

3.     General policies to be observed by implementing agencies in project implementation:

3.1.    All projects implemented in Gaza will be treated like others in any area throughout Palestinian governorates. Implementation of projects will be initiated only through and by approval of the PNA.

3.2.    The aforementioned provision will be applicable to all subsequent steps, including the announcement of projects, relevant promotional campaigns in media outlets, follow-up, and implementation.

For further information on the manner of requesting project approvals, you can contact the Gaza Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office at the following number: 

Phone: +970-2-2958418

Fax: +970-2-2958419


Step 2: Request approval for MOD controlled project materials to enter the Gaza Strip.

The MOD will only consider material access requests for PA approved projects (see note on requesting PA approval for projects).

1.      The MOD is requesting that the following project request format be filled.

Once completed, the agency should send the “project approval request form” as a word document to COGAT at  In addition to the form, the MOD is requesting that the following items be attached to it and sent along with the form: 

1.1      The list of materials (as a table- either in excel or "word document" form).

1.2      The technical specifications (including the picture and the web-page address of the manufacturer, or as a "soft copy") for all the dual-use items (as decreed in the list of "Controlled items" published after the GoI decision re the Gaza Strip) that are required for the implementation of the project.

The Project approval request form

1.      The name of the project and the purpose of its implementation:

2.      The International Community member funding and implementing the Project (including a "soft" copy of the letter from the funding entity committing the funds):

3.      The aim and purpose of the project (a short dissemination paragraph regarding the project):

4.      The implementing partners of the project:

5.      The End User of the project:

6.      The supplying companies of the equipment, items and construction materials:

7.      The location and GPS coordinates of the project:

a.      In the form of a table: Location (district/town/street name), GPS coordinate
b.      In addition- an aerial photo ("Google Earth" for example) picture (as an attached JPG picture).

8.      An abbreviated list of the total construction materials required for the implementation of the project (a "Bill of Materials").

9.      A copy (preferably- a "soft" copy) "Bill of Quantities" describing the works, that will be carried out by the contractors.

10.     A copy of the plan/scheme of the project

A description of the safeguards that will be initiated and utilized by the International Organization, in order to prevent the misuse and mishandling of the "controlled" items for the relevant project.


In turn, the Access Coordination Unit avails itself to support your organization in gaining access for project materials through engaging the military to advocate for the entry of materials. For further enquiries please contact us at

Step 3: Request coordination of approved materials to enter Gaza.


Once project materials have been approved by CoGAT to enter the Gaza Strip, the requesting agency may coordinate access through the Karem Shalom crossing with the MOD Coordination and Liaison Authority at Erez.

The requesting agency should send the request including the list of materials (as a table- either in excel or "word document" form) for each truck to arrive at Karem Shalom.  The request should be sent via email to 72 hours before sending trucks to the Karem Shalom crossing. 

The CLA at Erez must approve the coordination for each truck in advance of their arrival.  The Access Coordination Unit avails itself to support your organization for coordinating access for approved project materials through engaging the military to advocate timely approval of requests. For further enquiries, please contact us at