Coordinate shipments for approved controlled or non-controlled materials into the Gaza Strip
UN agencies, INGOs, and donors can request access of materials into the Gaza Strip.
Only once a project materials have been approved by CoGAT to enter the Gaza Strip, the requesting agency may coordinate access through the Karem Shalom crossing with the MOD Coordination and Liaison Authority at Erez the entry of project materials into the Gaza Strip .
The requesting agency should, in this regards, complete the attached form (hyperlink) and attach a list of materials (as a table- either in excel or "word document" form) for each truck to arrive at Karem Shalom.  This form should be sent via email to with the ACU ( in copy 72 hours before sending trucks to the Karem Shalom crossing. 
The CLA at Erez must approve the coordination for each truck in advance of their arrival.  The Access Coordination Unit avails itself to support your organization for coordinating access for approved project materials through engaging the military to advocate timely approval of requests.