B1 work visa for international INGO staff

INGO international staff may obtain visas based on the status of their organization with local authorities and/or the length of their stay.

Staff of organizations who are registered at the Israeli Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) may apply for a B1 work visa, provided that they work in Israel/Jerusalem at least 15 hours per week.

Application process for new staff:

- Prior to the staff’s arrival to the region: your organization must first apply for a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs by sending the following by email to Benjamin Behar, of the MoLSA international relations branch.

It is recommended to apply at least two months in advance for the recommendation letter, but please note that waiting times and procedures for obtaining recommendation letters can be subject to change, and it is advised to contact Tal AVRECH TalA@unops.org for assistance before applying.

- Obtaining a visa appointment at the Ministry of Interior: Upon receivin the letter, organizations should request a work visa appointment for the staff at the Ministry of Interior in Jerusalem. The MoI should provide a receipt with the dates of the appointment. If the MoI does not allow for an appointment in advance, then the staffer should arrive to the MoI immediately after arrival in the country to request an appointment. Staff must be in the country 10 days before their appointment to schedule an appointment please contact ashrot-jerusalem@piba.gov.il.

- Arriving to the country: Upon arrival to the region, staff should arrive at the relevant crossing points with a photocopy of the recommendation letter, along with all other documents submitted to MoLSA to be shown to relevant authorities if requested. Upon arrival, staff will receive a entry visa. This visa is granted for up to three months.

- Receiving the B1 work visa: Staff should arrive at the MoI in Jerusalem on the date of their appointment with the following documents:

Note that staff that arrive in the region before obtaining their MoLSA recommendation letter may be told to exit and re-enter the country with the letter, before being granted the visa by the MoI.

MoI operating hours and contact information:

For additional questions or advice, contact Tal AVRECH TalA@unops.org.

Application process for renewing staff:

- Staff should apply for a new recommendation letter from MoLSA (See above) at least three months in advance.

- At least 10 days prior to their visa’s expiration, staff should schedule an appointment at the Ministry of Interior, and present the same documents.