UN/INGO National Staff Exiting Gaza to West Bank, Jerusalem, and Jordan

-Within 72 hours, a confirmation email should be sent from CLA-Gaza that they have received the request with a reference number.

Official processing time: 35 working days regardless of purpose of permit.

- To verify permit status or to contact CLA-Gaza directly, contact:

- For further questions or assistance, contact:

Coordinate your exit from Gaza with the Gaza-based Ministry of Interior as per local practice. If you have further questions or need assistance please contact Balsam Atrash (BalsamA@unops.org).

Gaza national staff are required to present non-objection letter upon arrival into Jordan via Queen Alia Airport. Such a letter can be obtained from the nearest Jordanian Embassy or through the Jordanian MoI in Amman.

UN/INGO National Staff Exiting Gaza to Jordan (non-objection letter)

- Staff are required to present a letter of non-objection from Jordanian authorities..

- Complete the following, and submit to the Jordanian Representative Office in Ramallah:

- Submissions sent by fax may take as long as 10 days for processing. Submissions via mail may take as long as 40 days for processing.

- Upon reception of letter, a permission fee of 48 NIS must be paid.

INGOs with offices in Amman can submit requests to the Palestinian Affairs office directly.

- For additional questions and assistance, contact:

UN National Staff Seeking to Exit Gaza via Rafah

Note: Approved Security Clearance is mandatory prior any coordination request

- Submit the following via email to Nader al-Atrash at ACU (Nadera@unops.org)

- Applications should be sent to ACU at least two weeks in advance.

INGO and Diplomatic National Staff Seeking to enter/exit Gaza via Rafah

INGO staff and diplomatic staff who wish to enter/exit Gaza through Rafah crossing are advised to apply for a prior-coordination through their embassies, consulates or representative offices.