About ACU

The lack of unfettered humanitarian access to, from and within the oPt has significantly impeded the effective provision of humanitarian assistance and protection for civilians while simultaneously increasing the time and cost involved in doing so. In an attempt to ameliorate the delivery of assistance and to enhance protection, the UN inter-agency Access Coordination Unit (ACU) was established in 2008 to develop a centralized, and pro-active access strategy for both humanitarian personnel and goods, as well as to provide direct support to the humanitarian and development community, including through access negotiations. The work of the ACU is made possible through the generous support of the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

24/7 Access Support

Whenever a UN, INGO or Diplomatic staff member faces access problems at checkpoints, terminals or border crossings, the ACU is available around the clock to work with staff members and the relevant authorities to resolve the access incident. Call the ACU hotline (Tel:0543311850 or 0598331185) for 24/7 support and/or report your incident to accesscoordination@unops.org .

Technical Consultation

The ACU offers technical consultation to UN agencies, INGOs (and national NGO implementing partners), and diplomatic missions for the administration of donations, import permits, tax exemptions as well as travel permits and visas for their staff. The ACU also offers shipping, custom clearance and logistics solutions to reduce transshipment/import costs and lead-time for importation.

Common Procedures

The ACU works with the PA and Israeli ministries and customs authorities to streamline and improve procedures for the facilitation of access of personnel and goods to and from Israel and the oPt in-line with humanitarian principles. The ACU also strives to ensure the authorities timely administration of travel, import, transshipment and tax exemption requests into the oPt and Israel.

Access Monitoring and Reporting

The ACU monitors and reports on the access of goods and personnel into the oPt and Israel to ensure accountability and transparency for incurred delays. The ACU publishes monthly reports on access trends and developments, which are available to the public and serve as a means for the humanitarian community to advocate for improved access and adherence to UN resolutions, privileges and immunities and existing agreements.

Efficient, Practical, & Cost Effective Support

The ACU uniquely combines the values of the United Nations with efficiency of the private sector. This means that the ACU conforms to the highest standards of transparency, efficiency and principled practicality.