Registration with the Government of Israel

INGOs seeking to operate in Jerusalem/Israel or obtain work visas for their international staff are required to register with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA).

Organizations should compile the following documents (Download) and submit to the MoLSA international relations branch via Mr. Benjamin Behar:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 02-5085407
  • Address: Department of International Relations, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Migdalei Avira (next to the Central Bus Station), 39 Yermiahu Street, POBox 1260, Jerusalem, 91012

Organizations seeking to apply should take note of possible shifts in Israeli policies regarding new INGO registrations, and are advised to contact Tal AVRECH

Registration with the Palestinian National Authority

All INGOs needs to be registered with the PA MoI to be able to work in the West Bank

Required documents:

PA MoI Directorate General of Non-Governmental Organizations and Public Affairs User’s Manual

PA MpI Registration Form: INGO registration form- PA.pdf